Our Motto

Here at Sky Point, our mission is to support individuals with all abilities in reaching their fullest potential by providing

the care and services that will enable them to live enriching lives in the communities where they are valued and

respected for their abilities and contributions. Valuing our staff, clients, and families is our number one priority. We

believe that everyone has their own unique set of skills and values, and when we all come together, we truly bring out

the best in one another.

The first step in our motto is to Believe the Best. We will believe the best in ourselves, in our staff, our clients, and our

community. We will strive to come together to see the best in every person and situation, and know that each individual

in our family is here to help grow and strengthen us as a whole. Together, we can achieve more!

Next, we will Seek your Best. By seeking the best, we will look for the positives and strengths within our agency. We

will value those who are going above and beyond, we will celebrate the successes our clients have made, and partner

with others in our community to provide growth and success in one another. We will be positive, optimistic, and come

together as one to create lasting change within our community.

Finally, we will Give our Best. No matter the situation, we will

always give 110%. We will not back down from a challenge,

we will overcome obstacles hand in hand, and we will

consistently strive to grow in our strengths and skills. We will

also equip our clients in helping them give their best. We will

teach skills, independence, and healthy choices to allow our

families to succeed and reach their goals.

Our beliefs include empowering our employees and the

clients we serve, treating everyone with respect and dignity,

continuously improving, investing in people and their dreams,

and reaching for the sky! In doing this, we will never stop

striving to Believe the Best, Seek your Best, and Give our