Behavior Management, also called behavior modification, is a strategy we used to help clients change negative actions within specific settings including their home, school, or place of employment.


Our Approach:

At Sky Point, we approach behavior management by first identifying a client’s target (unwanted) behavior(s). Our consultants then work together with the client’s team and family to implement appropriate replacement (desired) behaviors and changes to the environment to help our clients succeed.


Examples of target behaviors we frequently address include:

  • Inappropriate language

  • Physical aggression

  • Non-compliance

  • Elopement

  • Social Isolation


Our Consultants:

Each consultant at Sky Point Social Services holds a Master’s Degree or higher, along with years of behavior modification experience within the field. Our consultants are regularly supervised by a doctorate level clinician who is a licensed psychologist and Health Service Provider in Psychology (HSPP) here in the state of Indiana.


Behavior Management services are offered through the Indiana Medicaid Waiver, Department of Child Services (DCS), Juvenile Probation, and Choices Coordinated Care Solutions.

Our consultants are available 24/7 for crisis intervention.



Indiana Medicaid offers coverage for the Child Mental Health Wraparound (CMHW) home and community-based services (HCBS). This program provides services to youth ages 6-17, who have a diagnosis of Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED).

What is Wraparound?

Sky Point Social Services CMHW works together with families and their children. It’s our intention that our services “wrap around” the youth and families we serve by reaching their homes, schools, and communities.


Our Process:

The Wraparound process is done on an individual basis. We determine our approach on the family’s needs, goals, culture, and values. Our strategies are based on the strengths and natural supports provided within each family.


A person-centered treatment plan is built upon the client and family’s strengths to identify the following:

  • The unique needs of the CMHW member.

  • Services and strategies to assist the member and family in achieving positive life outcomes.


Services We Offer:

  • Habilitation

  • Training and Support for the Unpaid Caregiver

  • Respite

Why Sky Point?

  • All of our Hab Facilitators at Sky Point have specialized degrees or at least five years experience within this field.

  • We are a family-first organization with a client-centered approach.

  • We focus on your family’s strengths and natural supports.



Our Employment Services Department is staffed with qualified Employment Specialists. These approved specialists use structured intervention techniques to help an employee learn job tasks to an employer’s specifications.


Employment Specialists focus on perfecting the interpersonal skills necessary to be fully integrated into the job site and related community.


Our Services Include:

  • Resume building

  • Interview skills training

  • Community networking

  • Job readiness training

  • Job shadowing

  • Work experience

  • Identifying careers

  • Job coaching

  • Internships

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Temporary job placements

  • Long-term job placement


What Our Specialists Do:

In addition to providing the listed services, our employment specialists work together with our clients and employers to provide counseling, advocacy, travel training, and other services needed to maintain employment.




Our Supported Living Department is proud to be family-oriented and allows family members, or Preferred Caregivers, to work with their desired client. We serve eligible adults and children with developmental delays, mental, physical, or emotional challenges.


Our Caregivers:

Sky Point’s direct care staff are highly trained and meet all of Indiana’s mandatory qualifications. We employ respectful, flexible, and creative individuals. Our Direct Support Professionals completed regular and ongoing trainings to meet learn how to meet the needs of those we serve.



The services provided through our Supported Living Department include:


  • Residential Habilitation and Support (RHS)

  • Participant Assistance and Care (PAC)

  • Day Habilitation- Individual (Formerly known as CHIO)

  • Respite

  • Transportation

  • Extended Services

  • Family and Caregiver Training


Our goal in Supported Living is to assist our clients in living as independently and healthy as possible in their homes and community.

Preferred Caregivers are paid caregivers that the client chooses to be their staff member. This is an amazing benefit that Sky Point offers to empower the individual to get involved in their services and allows the Preferred Caregiver to earn an incoming without sacrificing the care of their loved one.

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