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The founders of Sky Point Social Services, Francis and Dana Jomo, are quite accomplished. They are well-educated, have several years experience in social services, and started their own business. According to the Jomos, these achievements only carry importance when paired with one major component--the capacity to love.


As foster parents and guardians for individuals with disabilities, the Jomos place a strong emphasis on family. When asked about what inspired them to start Sky Point, Francis didn’t hesitate in replying, “I wanted to start a company that I would feel comfortable sending my child to. There is no shortage of providers, but finding one that puts the client’s needs first can be a challenge and that is what we strive to do. For us, this is about quality of care over everything else.”


According to Dana, the driving force for the company is “the capacity to love.” It’s a basic human need that everyone is capable of giving and receiving. For the Jomo family, watching Sky Point’s clients flourish is a gift of love for all involved. “Whether it’s them getting a job, or a nice new place to live, or learning a new skill, the little things that somebody else might take for granted mean so much to our clients. It is our greatest joy to help them succeed.”


The Jomo's philosophy is one that encourages both staff and clients to think outside the box. Francis stated, “We want our clients to be seen for their abilities, not their disabilities. We want them to know they can reach their dreams. That’s why our motto is ‘The Sky is the Limit.’ Their disability is not their definition.”



Sky Point Social Services aims to provide services to clients with developmental, intellectual, and emotional health needs. Sky Point serves children, teens and adults.


Sky Point Social Services is committed to support individuals with ALL abilities in reaching their fullest potential by providing the care and services that will enable them to live enriching lives in the communities where they are valued and respected for their abilities and contributions.


  • We believe in empowering our employees and the clients we serve.

  • We believe in treating everyone with respect and dignity.

  • We believe in continuous improvement.

  • We believe in people and their dreams.

  • We believe in reaching for the sky!


  • Therapeutic Services

    • Home-based Casework​

    • Home-based Therapy

    • In-Office Counseling

    • Group Therapy

  • Waiver Services

    • Behavior Management​

    • Day Habilitation-Individual

    • Extended Services

    • Family and Caregiver Training

    • Participant Assistance and Care (PAC)

    • Residential Services (RHS, non 24/7)

    • Respite Services

    • Transportation

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