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Client Corner: Meet Deandre

In October 2023, our client corner is Deandre! DeAndre began PAC services with Sky Point Social Services at the beginning of 2019. DeAndre enjoys doing various activities such as cooking/baking, gardening and trying new activities in the community. DeAndre has recently graduated from the Blue Jacket Academy where he was able to gain the skills to obtain a job at the Blue Jacket Clothing Store. DeAndre enjoys going to work where he is able to organize merchandise making it easier for customers to look through.

This summer DeAndre traveled to a few new states where he got to explore new places and try new activities! When asked what his favorite trip was this summer, he said “The Mall of America because I got to visit Sea Life”, a large underground aquarium. He also got to play the World’s Largest Pac-Man this summer. DeAndre is excited to travel more in the coming months to go visit his little brother!

Outside of traveling, DeAndre enjoys singing in a choir. His mom says “I always knew he could sing and asked if he wanted to sing in the choir, but he always told me no”, until one day she asked him to sit with her during rehearsal but told him he didn’t have to sing. Once the choir started singing, so did DeAndre! He knew all of the words to every song. After that, he got the opportunity to lead a song and now enjoys singing in the choir!


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