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A Day in the Life: Employment Specialist Kayla Pezley

A while back, we were able to interview Derek about his new job detailing cars at O’Daniel Ford here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Derek was able to obtain this position, thanks to his Employment Specialist, Kayla Pezley.

Employment Services is something we offer at Sky Point to help individuals obtain the jobs and careers they enjoy. We are able to do this through the help of people like Kayla, who work together with our clients to pinpoint their passions, combine them with their talents, and partner with community organizations and businesses.

Kayla Pezley, Employment Specialist

One of the first things many people ask is, “What exactly does an Employment Specialist do?” Thankfully, Kayla was able to tell us all about it. “My days are different, which I enjoy. If one of my clients doesn’t know what they want to do for work, I help them by providing skills assessments or volunteer opportunities. Once a client has found a field they are interest in, we move to job development. This is when I begin to help with creating a resume, assisting with applications, mock interviews, and discussing how to speak with an employer.”

Kayla also told us that once a client has found a job, she continues to partner with them and their employer. “I maintain contact with the client and supervisor to make sure that all is going well.” She continued on by emphasizing the importance of not only a great relationship with her clients, but also with employers and local businesses. “Most employers I try to meet with face to face at least once. I let them know what I do and how I can help them if they have any issues with my client. I will follow up with phone calls over a period of a few months to make sure everything is working out well.” It’s also important to keep employers happy for future clients who may be interested in working for their organization.

Kayla was formerly a Direct Support Professional and was looking to add some additional hours to her workload. She learned of the opportunity to become an Employment Specialist and thought the role sounded fulfilling. “When my clients are confident in themselves, it shows and I believe this is a big factor in employers wanting to hire them. My favorite thing is seeing how happy my clients are when they get offered a job. It gives them such a sense of independence and it’s great knowing that I was a part of that. I truly believe all of my clients are capable of working and when I get them to believe that too, it can really change their lives.”

Sky Point is always looking to engage our community with those we serve. If you are a business who is willing to partner with us, there are several perks besides the obvious joys that come with working alongside our clients. There is a tax credit when hiring an individual with disabilities, and additional credits are available if special accommodations are made for these employees.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Employment Services department, head on over to our website.


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