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Behavior Management Explained

You’ll see in our services section that we provide Behavior Management. But what exactly is it? Let’s break it down.

Behavior Management services, sometimes referred to as behavior modification, is the process we use to change an individual’s inappropriate actions and/or interactions. Our consultants use behavior management to adjust these “target behaviors.” These include, but are not limited to:

  • Elopement

  • Non-compliance

  • Physical aggression

  • Verbal aggression

  • Theft

  • Inappropriate social interactions

  • Social isolation

Our consultants seek to work alongside our clients and their supports to identify the main target behaviors and take appropriate steps to reverse these by replacing them with positive substitutes. For example, if our consultant is working with an individual who has difficulty showing up to school, a plan would be put into place to outline specific steps to ensure an environment is created to help that individual achieve the goal of proper school attendance. This would be done by discussing practical options with the client and their caregivers to encourage realistic objectives that lead to success.

We strongly believe that with the help of positive reinforcements, clear guidelines and realistic goals, our clients and their families are able to achieve whatever they put their minds to. It’s our consultants’ job to work together with their clients to encourage every day successes that help them become positive, contributing members to their communities.

Currently, Behavior Management services are offered to adults, adolescents, and children with developmental disabilities and challenging youth involved with Juvenile Probation or the Department of Child Services (DCS). Our consultants are field experienced, master’s level professionals who are supervised monthly by an HSPP. Our Behavior Consultants are available 24/7 for crisis intervention.

For more information on Behavior Management, feel free to contact our office. Also, keep an eye out for future blogs featuring our consultants where we dig in and see what exactly they do on a daily basis.


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