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Aaron is very active in the community. When he is with his staff, he enjoys going to Mega Replay to look for his favorite movies that he can’t find anywhere else. They also get involved in the community by going to events and utilizing community resources. Aaron really enjoys participating in expos and the Buddy Walk every year. Aaron would love to open a bowling alley with many lights and bible scriptures one day.

Aaron says, “when my mind isn’t on business planning, I enjoy bowling, being involved in the community, and socializing with friends and family.” Another activity Aaron participates in weekly is ballroom dancing. Aaron also enjoys helping with household chores, exercising, and visiting the Sky Point team!

Aaron receives Residential Services from Sky Point. With the support of his staff, Aaron works on a variety of skills, such as maintaining physical health, social skills, and budgeting. He and his staff also work on cooperation activities by playing board games or card games. Aaron brings so much joy everywhere he goes. He has a positive attitude that is truly contagious. Aaron loves to make people laugh by telling jokes or telling funny stories. Aaron tells Sky Point that he loves everything we do and he is so thankful for the services he receives.


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