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Client Corner: Meet James


This quarter, we are excited to spotlight our friend James! James has been with Sky Point Social Services since 2017 and works closely alongside his sister Bonnie, stepdad Wayne, and friend Darlene. James loves staying active and has several hobbies that he loves to share with others. His sister Bonnie said the following about her brother:

"Last April, James turned 72 years old. When he was 60 years old, James was diagnosed with leukemia, and his treatment was a bone marrow transplant. The doctors gave him a very low percentage of surviving. The doctors now call him their "Miracle Boy," as James is now 11 years in remission.

James enjoys life with a variety of interests and hobbies. He loves to participate in parades in costume and anything to do with the Clydesdale horses. His greatest love is trains, and James volunteers to help with the restoration of a steam engine and train cars.

James is still employed part-time and working around another interest, which is semi-trucks. He states that he's not ready to fully retire yet as "look what I might miss out on seeing." James lives his life to the fullest."


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