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Client Spotlight: Derek

Meet Derek. He’s got an avid love for the Dallas Cowboys, his dog, and most of all—cars. Derek recently obtained a new job at O’Daniel Ford here in Fort Wayne and lucky for me, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with him about this new venture.

Derek started about two weeks ago as a car washer and has been thoroughly enjoying his days at O’Daniel so far. “I’ve always wanted to do cars, my whole life. I’m fascinated by them,” commented Derek. When asked what he loves most about working with cars he replied, “When they’re dirty and you wash them, you feel good about it because you actually did that car and made it look like brand new again. I love that feeling.”

Derek has a long history in working with cars. He’s been washing and detailing them

for years. The best part about working with O’Daniel for Derek is his freedom to drive the cars. Here, Derek is able to take a car off the lot and drive it to his work station to get the job done. 

Derek works with our Employment Specialist, Kayla. Together, they were able to figure out the best location for Derek to do a job he loves. We asked Derek what his favorite aspect of working with Kayla is. He said, “We’re pretty much the same. It just works out good with her.” Kayla also noted that when it came time to search for a new job, Derek came prepared. “He already had his resume and knew what he wanted. He does a really good job.”

When he’s not busy working, Derek loves playing golf. He’s pretty excited to explore some new courses over the summer. And of course, he’ll be rooting on the Cowboy’s this fall. 

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by O’Daniel Ford and see Derek, he’d love to make your car look as good as new! And if you’re interested in learning more about our Employment Services, follow this link


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