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Did You Hear?

This past month we received our three-year CARF accreditation! This is a huge deal for a company like ours that is just starting out. The three-year accreditation is the highest level that CARF awards and it took a lot of hard work from everyone within our company to make this happen and we are so proud. 

You’re probably thinking, “Great! But what’s CARF and why is it important?”

CARF stands for the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities. It’s important for organizations like ours to become accredited to be held accountable for meeting established standards of quality for the services we provide. Essentially, CARF evaluates what we do and makes sure we are following through with a set standard. 

Throughout the accreditation process, a team of professionals came to Sky Point to perform an on-site survey. During this time, they interviewed staff members, persons served, observed our practices, and reviewed our documentation. Because they are an unbiased party, they were able to objectively view the work we do for our clients and confirm whether or not we provide quality services. As a result of this survey, we were able to gain valuable feedback of things we can continue implementing to provide the best services possible. 

CARF is so important because it ensures we are holding our organization accountable to issues of risk management, health and safety, business practices, and corporate compliance. Having attained this accreditation, we have shown our commitment to focusing on the needs of our persons served and the quality of care we provide. We are grateful to have received this positive note of feedback from our surveyors at CARF: “This achievement is an indication of your organization’s dedication and commitment to improving the quality of the lives of the persons served.”

It took our entire organization to make this accreditation possible, and we cannot thank our Sky Point family enough. 

To read more about CARF, click here. And as always, keep up with us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more news, events, and office happenings. 


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