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DSP Mentorship Program


Yolanda has been a Direct Support Professional with Sky Point for over 3 years and moved into a new leadership role serving as the Direct Support Professional Mentor in April 2021. Yolanda shares her experience as a Direct Support Mentor:

"The purpose of the mentorship program is to provide support and guidance to incoming DSPs. I was drawn to this role because I feel like I could provide value from my own experience as a DSP and help to shape the program. One of the best things about being a mentor is meeting new people and helping to provide direction. I enjoy engaging with others and helping to make the DSPs feel welcomed.""

Even after DSPs graduate the Mentorship Program, Yolanda continues to provide ongoing support, insight, and leadership to her former mentees. Yolanda is a wonderful asset to the new staff at Sky Point and continues to grow in her leadership skills and influence.


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