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Meet Jessica!

Sky Point Social Services is proud to offer skilled Behavioral Consultants as part of our Behavior Management department. Today, we'd like to introduce you to our clinical supervisor, Jessica Rabaduex.

Jessica Rabaduex, Clinical Supervisor, BMAN

Jessica comes from a long background in social services. She received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Purdue in 2009 and went on to pursue her Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from Saint Francis University where she graduated in 2013. Jessica began an internship in 2011 through her Master's program working with behavior management which led her to where she is today. She has been working within the field for over seven years.

As for her approach to behavior management, Jessica describes herself as very reward and relationally based. "I put a lot of emphasis on the relationship between the BC and the client. Sessions will be much more productive if the client enjoys spending time with the BC. I have found that a desired reward and a good rapport are more effective than restrictions."

When asked about her favorite aspect of behavior management, she replied, "Seeing progress and positive changes. Behavioral changes are observable and that's pretty awesome."

When it comes to her role as clinical supervisor, Jessica works hard to provide Sky Point's behavior consultants with adequate training and supports to provide the best possible care to each client. It's also important to highlight that many aspects of Jessica's job are working behind the scenes on documentation and plan revisions to ensure the quality of care for each Sky Point client is where it should be--at it's best.

Jessica's favorite aspect of working for Sky Point is the friendly and caring atmosphere. "I've never had an employer care more about my self-care and work/family balance than I do!"

We're really grateful to have Jessica on our team! To learn more about our behavior management department and our individual consultants, keep following our blog.


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