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Who is Sky Point?

Welcome to our blog! We’re so excited you decided to read our first post. We have some really great topics to come, so be sure to keep checking back. But before we get to anything else, we thought it was important to properly “introduce” ourselves.  

Sky Point Social Services is a Medicaid service provider working throughout Northern Indiana. The company serves individuals and families with physical and mental disabilities, as well as people with emotional health needs. Sky Point is proud to provide services in the following areas:

  • Behavior Management

  • Respite

  • Residential Habilitation

  • Wellness Coordination

  • Extended Services

  • Family and Caregiver training

  • Employment Services

  • Community-Based Habilitation

  • Transportation

  • Participant Assistance and Care

Established in 2016 by Francis and Dana Jomo, Sky Point is a Medicaid provider different from the rest. Focused on good quality service and the shared vision that it’s clientele should maintain the ambition that anything is possible, Sky Point was created.

The Jomo’s philosophy is one that encourages both staff and clients to think outside the box. Francis stated, “We want our clients to be seen for their abilities, not their disabilities. We want them to know they can reach their dreams. That’s why our motto is ‘the sky is the limit.’ Their disability is not their definition.”

As with any startup, the Jomo’s faced some initial hurdles. There were the obvious obstacles like finances and resources, but the most challenging aspect was creating a solid core team of staff who also believed in their vision. Through countless interviews and networking, a small team was formed and Sky Point was able to accept its first clients. Now thanks to the ideas of the Jomo’s and their team of professionals, Sky Point clients are receiving some of the best services around.

For more information about the services provided by Sky Point, click here.  And, as always, keep up with us on all of our social profiles.


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